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  • Two hours of video instruction using a variety of fabrics to wrap awake and sleeping newborns, geared towards beginners or those who struggle with wrapping techniques, plus instruction on using a bean bag, bowl prop and background stand.
  • 18 newborn wrapping video modules plus 5 bonus videos using various fabrics and techniques.

AMAZING deal offers you the "NEWBORN WRAPPING" Bundle Digital Videos from Robin Long Photography!

Wrapping newborns has always been Robin's all time favorite set up at her sessions. The simple, pure and timeless images she portrays are cherished moments to all her clients. Are you ready to take your photography to a new level to include wrapping in your sessions? Clients LOVE simple and natural images creating their baby's story. Join Robin in to her studio where she shows you how to work with awake, wiggly babies, as well as sleeping babies.
Robin will show you which type of fabrics and wraps are best with specific poses and simple instruction is given on using the bean bag, layering your fabrics, background stand and setting a custom white balance.
  • Fabrics & Wraps
  • Beanbag & Blanket Stand
  • Custom White Balance
  • Egg Wrap
  • Bundle Me
  • Twist
  • Papoose
  • Potato
  • Package
You will also receive FIVE BONUS VIDEOS with Posing & Transitions
  • Tushie
  • Side
  • Taco - 2 videos
  • Natural awake
Download Details:
  • EIGHTEEN VIDEO MODULES + 5 BONUS VIDEOS on posing & transitions
  • 1.3 GB .mov file
  • Approximately 20 minutes to download, depending on Internet speed
  • Over 2 hours of videos {23 videos} 
  • Downloaded as ONE file with subfolders of each video
Are you just starting out in Newborn Photography or having a hard time keeping the baby snuggled inside a wrap? Or maybe you are struggling with how to safely pose the baby in to the taco or tushie position.  If so, these videos will start you off selecting which fabrics work well with each pose and how to keep their feet in and wrapped up warm and snug.
As you know, we all have awake babies sometimes and it can be a struggle on what to do and how to get them wrapped when they are so wiggly. 
Robin also adds in a couple "natural" posing sections to show you how simple you can keep your set up and posing and what you can do when the baby wants to be awake and free.
"There's no right or wrong way to wrap a newborn. It's open to your own creativeness and has no rules. I hope you find these videos useful in your newborn photography." ~ Robin Long


robin long

About Robin Long: Robin Long is a Multi-Award Winning Newborn and Maternity Photographer based in Salem, Oregon. Her work is recognized by her pure,natural and simply style and has been published in Professional Photographers Magazine, Mozi Magazine, Chic Critique and featured with many top baby blogs. Robin has provided instruction in newborn photography throughout the United States, Canada, Australia and will be teaching in England in 2014. She has presented a Master Class at WPPI in 2013 and has been asked to return in 2014.  Robin's recently published book, "Natural Newborn and Baby Photography" has received high reviews and honors in the newborn industry.


Fine Print:

  • Digital Download: All Sales are final. No refunds.
  • Sharing, altering, or copying is forbidden & against copyright laws.


"All I can say is WOW! I love Robin Long's new purebaby® Wrapping video. It's packed with tons of footage and all of her favorite wrapping techniques. There is even bits and pieces of her photography technique in there and positioning baby in relation to the light. Very useful! I love how Robin goes through the different types of wraps, the different poses slowly and thoughtfully. My favorite part is the little peanut who is awake being bundled in the soft cream wrap. She has the best facial expressions ever! I had to go back and watch it again to watch the wrapping because I was mesmerized by the stunning baby! "
The video itself is beautifully & professionaly shot and is close enough so you can actually see Robin wrapping and where her hands are during each wrap. This video is a must have for all newborn photographers wishing to further their wrapping skills. I know I'm going to watch it a few thousand times! Thank you Robin for another great learning tool! - Maxine Evans Photography
"I honestly can’t believe how much information is included in such shot videos. I could watch each segment multiple times and still catch something new. Robin is amazingly talented and so thorough in her explanations of the wraps. Not only that, she also includes camera settings and lighting angles. These videos are perfect for both beginners and experienced newborn photographers!!! I used to be so scared of wrapping but now I’m so excited to try the techniques I learned in the videos because Robin makes it look so easy to do." - Crisanta Mecate-Lopez/Infinitifoto
"Watching the wrapping videos was so inspiring.  Robin explains everything so calmly and naturally that it gives me the confidence to do any of these wraps... the best part about this is that if I forget anything... I can always go back and watch it!
The extra videos included in the set are awesome!  There are always a couple of poses you struggle with... the taco is mine... being able to watch and rewatch this means I've got all the tools I need to get it right!" - Colleen Harris/Charlee Photography

Download instructions are available immediately after purchase in your "My Stuff" tab here on Photo Deal Cafe (click on the "View Voucher" link to view).

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