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  • Receive two of our most popular digital workshops: Achieving Perfect Exposure & Sharp Images Digital Workshop ($39 value) and Capturing Sunflare Digital Workshop ($25 value).
  • Reduce editing time, particularly problems with newborn and teenage acne, and create perfectly exposed, sharp images with our Achieving Perfect Exposure & Sharp Images Digital Workshop.
  • Consistently control your results when shooting back into the sun with our Capturing Sunflare digital workshop.
  • Experience workshops full of detailed, specific, useful information, including video demonstrations and diagrams.

This AMAZING deal offers you TWO of the best selling digital Workshops from Flourish Emporium!

This special workshop bundle includes:

  • Achieving Perfect Exposure & Sharp Images digital workshop {$39 Value}
  • Capturing Sunflare digital workshop {$25 Value}

WORKSHOP #1: Achieving Perfect Exposure & Sharp Images

Tired of fighting slightly out-of-focus photos? Do you dream of images with perfect creamy skin and little color noise? Would you like to achieve beautiful exposures every time you press your shutter? If so, this wonderful workshop is for you. Achieving Perfect Exposure & Sharp Images covers topics that will deepen your understanding of aperture, exposure, file formats and focus. 

This workshop includes:

  • RAW versus jpeg files
  • Shutter speed and ISO
  • An in-depth discussion of aperture and depth of field
  • How to get amazing blur or bokeh
  • Understanding and using histograms
  • Ways to ensure sharp images and troubleshoot focus issues

Most importantly when taken all together, this workshop thoroughly discusses ways to manipulate the digital format of DSLR cameras to ensure amazing image quality right out of camera. Because of this, the information and shooting tips in this workshop will lessen editing time, particularly for problematic newborn and teenage skin.

Achieving Perfect Exposure & Sharp Images is a beginner to intermediate level workshop and assumes that you have a basic understanding of how to manually meter your camera. This workshop will deepen your understanding of how aperture, shutter speed and ISO interact, ensuring correct depth of field and sharp images. Also if you are new to digital SLRs, this workshop provides valuable information about how to manipulate the computers of digital cameras to retain optimal image quality out of camera.

This workshop contains a 47-page PDF manual with detailed discussion, images and diagrams. The manual also includes review questions, exercises and practice suggestions. There are also 2 videos in mpeg 4 format which visually illustrate topics discussed in the manual.

WORKSHOP #2: Capturing Sunflare

Do you love the thrill of shooting back into the sun? But are you tired of inconsistent results and want to consciously control how your camera captures sunflare? If so, this is the workshop for you!

Capturing Sunflare discusses everything you need to know about creating amazing sunflare, from metering to lens selection to focusing. Most importantly, this workshop discusses how to control the look, type, direction and strength of the flare you get, from spiky clean sunflare to hazy golden light, guaranteeing beautiful results every time. Best of all, the workshop will show you how to get an amazing sunburst, one of my favorite types of sunflare.

Includes a 20-page detailed PDF manual with review questions and practice suggestions and two videos demonstrating workshop topics in mpeg 4 format.

About Flourish Emporium:

The Flourish Emporium is run by Nichole Van.  Nichole won International 8x10 Portrait of the Year from WPPI in 2007. She has taken first, second, and third place honors from WPPI in several of their international print competitions and has won over 30 international accolades. Nichole was honored in January 2011 as a top ten finalist in Professional Photographers of America's (PPA) International Grand Imaging Awards in the wedding category.

Her work has been featured on the cover of Rangefinder magazine. She's been profiled in a feature article in Professional Photographer magazine. Nichole provides instruction to other professional photographers and has presented classes at WPPI's international convention, as well as IPPA. Nichole currently holds an Accolade of Photographic Mastery from WPPI.


"First of all, I have to tell you that after reading and watching your Secrets to Extraodinary Images, I wasn't able to sleep because of all the ideas I was having! That hasn't happened for a LONG time. I have been feeling really unmotivated and "blah" about photography lately, but you have made me excited again!" - Melissa Howell

"I did receive the course and I have to say Shut the front door! I have had an Ah ha moment about aperture! This is what I needed and kept asking people to tell me . OMG! Thank you! I'm so grateful for this knowledge, thank you. No matter how many creative live classes and books I would buy I wasn't getting it! You think like me! The things that people struggle with I understand so easily and the things that other people just get I seem to struggle with, your class explained the thing I wasn't getting and no one would go into detail about." - Jessica Wirtz

You will receive your Flourish Emporium redemption instructions at your Photo Deal Cafe Account email address within TWO business days of purchase.

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