$39 for 16" x 24" Canvas Gallery Wraps, including FREE S&H from Canvas by Blossom {Save 72%}

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* CanvasbyBlossom.com will email you voucher codes within two business days of purchase.
* Free Ground shipping within the 48 Continental United States. Please call 800.972.9861 for quotes to Alaska & Hawaii. Canada is approximately $35 USD
* Voucher code is valid through March 25, 2015.
* Limit 2 per customer


  • 72% OFF Canvas Wraps 16 x 24 or smaller.
  • Premium cotton-poly canvas with 200+ year inks.
  • 1.5” stretcher bar system with Black Tyvek backing, saw tooth hanger and rubber bumpers.
  • Superior Color & Materials for pro photographers.
  • Exceptional customer service.
  • Buy up to 2 canvases!
  • Free Ground shipping within the 48 Continental United States. Please call 800.972.9861 for quotes to Alaska & Hawaii. Canada is approximately $35 USD

It's This Simple:

Get 72% off 16" x 24" Canvas Gallery Wraps from Canvas by Blossom! 

(Free Ground Shipping to the Continental US) 

  • State-of-the-art print technology, precisely wrapped and stretched premium canvas with 200+ year inks
  • 1.5” heavy-duty kiln dried wood stretcher bars, sustainably harvested in Wisconsin, USA
  • Ready-to-display with Tyvek backing and mounting hardware
  • Superior color exclusively for professional photographers
  • Free Ground shipping within the 48 Continental United States
  • Canadian Shipping Approximately $35
  • Please call 800.972.9861 for S&H quotes to Alaska & Hawaii
  • Limit Two Deals per customer

How do I order?

1.  After purchasing your deal through Photo Deal Café, CanvasbyBlossom.com will be notified to email you a voucher code for each canvas purchased within two days of purchase.

2.  Once you receive your codes, proceed to www.CanvasbyBlossom.com and select the applicable size. Choose canvas thickness, edge treatment and backing. NOTE: the code includes Image Wrap, any other edge treatment will be a charge of $10.
3.  Upload file or choose to send via email or other arrangement 
4.  Click ‘Add to Cart’
5.  Enter your voucher code in the ‘Coupon Code’ box. NOTE: if you have two codes you’ll need to process two separate orders and check out two separate times, as the store only allows one code per check out.
6.  Complete Billing and Shipping Information Click ‘APPLY’
7.  Enter credit card information if any balance shows for shipping, upgrades to edge treatment, etc.
8.  ‘Submit Order’
9.  You will receive a PDF proof from the Canvas by Blossom Production Department. Once you’ve replied with your approval, product ships typically within 3 to 5 business days.
Reminder: if you have two codes, you’ll need to check out two separate times.

Photos courtesy of Angela Richardson of AMR Photography


I just opened the canvas I purchased for a client and had to write you to tell you how amazing it is. I have ordered from many canvas companies and the quality of the canvas I received far surpassed the others. Thanks! – Whitney, Studio 412 Imagery

Just received the canvases today. They are GORGEOUS!!! They are super heavy duty too. I can't believe how heavy and solid they are! Thank you! – Besek Photography

I received my canvas print on Saturday and want to say I love it! I will be ordering from you for my canvas prints. Great price and great value. I showed it off at the show and I'm looking to order more for my studio. – Rachael

I got back from my event today and got our orders from you – just wanted to say that they are gorgeous! I ordered from three places to choose my favorites and you guys rock!!! The frame is so much more solid that there’s no comparison! The canvas material seems thicker too?  Thank you so much – I will be pushing our clients to order canvas wraps so hopefully you’ll have lots of orders from us in the future – Julie

Thank you for your call today. I wanted to get back to you and let you know that I am absolutely thrilled about the way my canvases turned out. They are bright, full of contrast, rich in color, sharp, in focus, and vibrant. I also love the heavy and sturdy weight of the wood...they feel like they were made out of very good quality materials that will last long term. I am so pleased with the way they turned out and will definitely be recommending Canvas by Blossom to friends and family, and using you again personally. Thank you, thank you – Vanessa

I just wanted to write and tell you how much I LOVE my 20 x24 canvas.. the colors are so vibrant and it looks amazing. I also want to thank customer service for going above and beyond helping me with an issue with my photo. It's a beautiful addition to my studio. I can't wait for my clients to see it. Constance Avellino

To be honest, I was so stunned by the quality of your work ~ It exemplifies the true meaning of professional Art printing! Just superb work. I really don't like writing testimonials, but in this case I want people to know how great your work is! Thank you, Tim and all the others working at CBB !!! steve@mortonpictures.com

Canvas by Blossom will email you a voucher code for each canvas purchased. They will email you within two business days of purchase.

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